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My name is Mathew Haugen, I am the owner of Haugen Stone & Concrete. I started HSC in 2001 after working a few years with another company. I was taught the masonry trade by two ex-union employees that decided to partner together and start their own business. One of my bosses was a union mason and the other was a union concrete finisher. I happened to be their first apprentice.

I chose this trade because through hard work one is able to build and create usable and purposeful structures that remain functional for many years. In this trade there is also the opportunity to build projects solely for visual presentation. This allows us to get creative and build something that is 100% unique every time. While working on our projects, skills such as math, structural mechanics, and common sense must be applied. Experience in the trade plays a huge role in the outcome of a project. I would honestly say that every year I learn something new that benefits the business and our services.

Haugen Stone & Concrete has worked on jobs as small as replacing a couple damaged brick on a chimney all the way up to laying 100 ton of rock on a home. We’ve lifted entire homes into the air to build new basements underneath, down to patching small sections of sidewalk. We have builders that we’ve worked with for years to new customers that contact us for the first time. Most of our work is from small to large residential and small to medium commercial.

As owner of HSC I can honestly say that each job we contract from start to finish has the owners best interest in mind. We take the attitude that it doesn’t matter how small or large the job is, the outcome of the quality is equally important to all our customers. This is why the attitude of “doing it like it was our own” is put in the forefront of our work ethic. We understand that today’s consumers are smart and very informed as to how they want their project completed. This continually challenges Haugen Stone & Concrete to produce the finest workmanship and service available. With these intentions I personally feel that our customers will be satisfied with the treatment and service that they have received.

Thank you for your interest in HaugenStone.com.

Mathew Haugen

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